Tanin Torabi /طنین ترابی

Dance Artist (performance, choreography, film)

About Tanin Torabi طنین ترابی

طنین ترابی

طنین ترابی

Tanin Torabi was born in 1992 in Tehran, Iran. She has got her BA in Sociology in Tehran and got her MA in Contemporary Dance Performance from University of Limerick, Ireland. Torabi has made several award winning dance films and performances and currently works as a dancer, choreographer and dance film maker in Iran and Ireland.

Her most noticeable works are The Dérive, Invisible Point, Ruby, Beyond the Frames and Immensity. She has received more than 15 awards for her films to date and her works have been described as rebellious, creative, inspiring, unbearably elegant and affecting, emblematic and poignant, empowering to women, and with clarity and an exceptional ambition that is layered with a complexity of personal and cultural nuance, by festival directors.


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